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What We Provide

Communicating Your Brand

Performance Based Training / Experimental Learning

Combining the power of performance with the techniques of training, we ensure your brand or product messaging is delivered in a unique, engaging, entertaining and educational way. Using actors to perform the training, we can create bespoke performance-based theatrical training sessions for your brand or products, ensuring that key messages are delivered in a truly memorable way. Delegates are learning AND having fun; it’s entertaining training!

Alternatively we can provide a more traditional training session, but provide bespoke, experiential learning games, to embed the important brand and product messaging.

If you want effective training with a difference then our theatrical or experiential style will suit you.

Demonstration Days

Or as we like to call them; TADA! We offer Training And Demo Activity days which can combine product training and sales coaching for store staff with product demonstrations, advice, tips and tricks for potential customers.

Our experienced trainers and demonstrators will promote brand and product awareness both to store staff and to customers. If they can see, feel and experience your brand and products then the staff will gain confidence and understanding in selling, and customers will turn from browsers to buyers!

To reinforce the effectiveness of the activity, Willow Park can also produce the promotional materials you need for your TADA day.


Training, when done well, can inspire delegates to become your Brand Ambassadors. Our training can do this for your Brand.

Our trainers are more than just trainers. They make training entertaining; they make the uninteresting exciting, they make the unessential essential and they put productivity into your products.

Whether we are training one to one or in group, we understand that you are all individuals who have different goals to achieve and your own preferred ways of learning. At Willow Park we will make sure that the training you receive will be in the learning style you prefer and by the end you will have the skill, knowledge and attitude to sell a brand and its products with self belief and confidence.

Taking complex product information, our trainers develop clear, informative and memorable solutions delivered in an entertaining, but educational style. In addition to product training we can deliver sales coaching that will help you sell with confidence and conviction. In this way Willow Park has proven records of driving sales and generating increased revenue for our clients.

Events and Conferences

Willow Park offers an end-to-end solution for Events and Sales Conferences.

From initial design concepts to the build, deployment and break-down of the stand, Willow Park will support your branded presence, every step of the way. We co-ordinate all resources required, including promotional materials and logistics, together with supplying the very best staff, specifically selected to match your particular needs. The result: an efficient, co-ordinated stand presence, with all elements synchronised to maximum effect.


We understand that for some people, public speaking is their biggest fear, but fear not, as Willow Park can help with your presentations. We can coach you to help you improve your presenting skills to become a stronger, more confident speaker. We can assist you with the structure and creation of your presentation using PowerPoint and other delivery styles or alternatively, we can present for you.

Using our engaging, entertaining, educational and enthusiastic approach, our presenters will make sure it's a presentation your clients, customers or staff won't forget!

Understanding Your brand

We provide vital information from the shop floor direct to you so you can understand what's happening at the point of sale.

Mystery Shopping

Whatever your mystery shopping needs, we will execute them seamlessly and discretely. We use organised and knowledgeable staff across EMEA to provide analytical and conclusive information that is delivered on time, on budget, and in the format that suits you.


We undertake a range of Audits across the EMEA markets that are deployed locally, but delivered centrally through a single point of contact, providing you with the insight needed to understand your markets, on time and on budget.