Our Clients

Comments from a selection of our Clients

We at Cisco Umbrella have worked with Willow Park during the last year on various marketing projects. Willow Park offers a very high quality of services. Their attention to detail is magnificent and their response rate, & turn-around time has never failed us! Willow Park always brings with them, something unique and fun to all projects they participate in. And their energy level? Amazing! We have always been satisfied with their service. Thank you so much, Willow Park! We look forward to working with you more in the future!
Meena Sedani, Project Specialist/Program Management
Cisco Umbrella
We have used Willow Park for several training events because we know they will bring a unique mix of knowledge, enthusiasm, and innovation to any project. Laura is integral to our major training event with Currys, our largest customer, as she not only plans and scripts memorable training sessions - she delivers them herself. Her end-to-end ownership of the campaign ensures the same quality of experience for all sales delegates and, from a client's point of view, makes dealing with the agency very easy.
Michael Price, Product Learning Specialist
The retailers who have had the benefit from the ‘Willow Park touch’ have come away from the training sessions with renewed vigor, confidence and eagerness to get back onto the shop floor to SELL SELL SELL!
Jon Maartensz, Sales Manager
Laura [Training and Events Manager at Willow Park] has an infectious enthusiasm which makes her a delight to work with. She challenges us to help her develop tools for the job, she is always looking for a competitive edge, and empowers her team to use knowledge to outstanding effect. This all translates into quantifiable results for ROKU. What more could we ask?
Vice President Europe
Willow Park are gaining a reputation for running some of the best events we have had at Insight. Long may it continue. A thousand thanks to you and the rest of the team from everyone here.
Networking Product Manager
Results speak for themselves. If you are looking to recruit an intelligent resource, with International capability, systematic approach and a commitment to exceeding your expectations, then… look no further than Willow Park - you will not be disappointed.
Neill Ewen, Marketing Director, EMEA