Willow Park offers an end-to-end solution for your Events and Conference activities. From initial design concepts to the build, deployment and break-down of the stand, Willow Park will support you, every step of the way. We co-ordinate all resources required, including games, promotional materials, and logistics, together with supplying the very best staff, specifically selected to match your needs.


Willow Park use skilled trainers and demonstrators who can engage and educate the staff or managers at retail events and conferences, and most importantly empower them to take back what they have learnt and apply it when they are back in their retail environment.

We will promote brand and product awareness to the retail staff and managers, so they are well equipped when back in store. If they can see, feel and experience your brand and products then the staff will gain confidence and understanding in selling, and customers will turn from browsers to buyers!

We understand that retailer events are not entirely about training and demonstrating, so we pride ourselves in making sure the attendees have a fun and memorable time while they are with us. We can create bespoke games, activities, tasks or quizzes, that are appropriate to the Brand, to the venue, and to the audience, or you can simply hire one of our existing games. Speak to us so we can organise something your retailers will remember!
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SPIV Days, Callout Days, Activity Days – whatever you or your partners choose to call them, Willow Park have extensive experience of delivering powerful, enjoyable, but above all extremely effective days.

Deploying selected games and activities to engage the audience, we ensure your colleagues and your partners readily become actively involved in the day, undertaking required target sales tasks to drive their participation.

The games feed off the highly competitive, highly charged atmosphere of a Sales Floor, to build to a classic High Score playoff finale and a long lasting positive association with the brand.

Speak to us so we can create something that you and your partners will remember for much than a gift voucher!
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Using experienced team members to represent your brand, we have one main purpose; to allow consumers to engage with your brand, while being educated on the features and benefits of your products, which will ultimately lead to them buying your product or service.

To engage consumers with your brand and products, we can create bespoke games, activities, tasks or quizzes, that are appropriate to the Brand, to the venue, and to the audience. Or you can just hire one of our existing games. Speak to us so we can create something your customers will remember!

Of course, making sure that your potential customers, have a memorable and enjoyable time is equally important. We want them to feel confident, positive and happy about their time with the Brand Ambassadors and with the products demonstrated at the event.
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Using the elements of game play (point scoring, competition with others, rules of play), gamification can support your training, B2B, retailer or consumer event.

Games can increase brand awareness and brand enjoyment, encourage socialising, inspire employee productivity, create competition, and help the learning process in a more engaging, but relevant way.

Leader boards can be provided to encourage the players to compete and to make the points visible to other players, thus encouraging more interaction and interest.

Games can be made bespoke for you and your event or you can hire games from us. We can supply a Willow Park team member to run the game, encourage participants and train/message on your brand, or you can simply hire from us.
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